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Oblivion = The Matrix (2013)

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It has been a while since I have written a film review huh? I am working on many different projects right now, so I will be introducing some guest writers in the coming weeks, but here is my next review, The Matrix (2013)! I mean Oblivion of course.



TITLE: Oblivion

DIRECTOR: Joseph Kosinski

YEAR: 2013

COUNTRY: United States

Alright, so for those of you who haven’t seen any advertisements for Oblivion (which I am pretty sure we all saw it and thought it was a pretty awesome looking film), Oblivion stars Jack Harper (Tom Cruise), Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), Julia (Olga Kurylenko), and Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman).  The film follows Jack Harper and Victoria’s mission to recover the remaining resources that Earth has to offer.  The film is set 60 years after the Earth was ravaged by an invasion of Aliens known as Scavs and the Moon was destroyed.  The rest of humanity escaped aboard a huge space station called the Tet, which is receiving the resources Jack recovers. Over the course of the film, Jack (Cruise) meets Malcolm (Freeman) and Malcolm shatters his ideas of what really happened.



Okay, there are two aspects of Oblivion that absolutely saved the film: an amazing performance from Tom Cruise (also Morgan Freeman being a brilliant messiah, Morpheus anyone?) and the film looks absolutely beautiful.  But let’s stick with the acting and story first.  While I really can’t stand Tom Cruise, I really couldn’t see anyone else for the role.  The character definitely gave Cruise the opportunity to remind us why he is an action star.  As for the story, let’s just say this.  You have seen this story MANY times.

Oblivion1 (1)


So now to the look of the film.  Kosinski’s style really shows through here, and it definitely came out quite amazingly.  The landscapes of a desolate Earth are absolutely breath-taking, I could get lost staring out over its beauty forever.  The cinematography in Oblivion is what IMAX was made for.  I just wish it didn’t cost $120 million to get these kind of results.



  • Amazing Tom Cruise performance
  • Morgan Freeman = New Morpheus
  • Cinematography is beautiful


  • Lackluster story, you have seen it before.
  • No chemistry among Cruise and his romantic interests.
  • Plot twists you can see a mile away.


SCORE: 6.0/10 Stars


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