Giving a Modern Touch, Denis First Drops New Remix “Let It Be Me” From Steve Aoki and Backstreet Boys

When it comes to an emerging music scene, many people don’t tend to think…Russia? Taking a moment to step onto Ultra Music’s territory we have a brand new remix from Denis First of Steve Aoki and Backstreet Boys’ “Let It Be Me”. Coming from academically trained music backgrounds, Denis began experimenting in electronic music while making unofficial remixes of their favorite tracks. Denis First first popped up on our radar back in June, where he won us over with their dance-pop ballad “Empty”. The duo would later official form and release their first track back in 2016, with many other official remixes following. Now that they have dropped “Empty”, he is showcasing his versatility in original tracks. If Denis First is not on your radar, that needs to be fixed.

“A few years ago, when every single girl in the world was the biggest Backstreet Boys fan, I couldn’t even imagine that one day I’ll be releasing a remix for them! It’s sooooo cool! And Steve Aoki is one of the producers whose outstanding talent and work I respect most these days – so it was a very very very great pleasure to have a chance to produce a remix for their collaboration!” – Denis First

IF you want to stand out in today’s modern scene, you need to be making some bold moves. Denis First took on the complexing task of remixing “Let It Be Me”, all while still trying to preserve the track’s original essence. While Aoki already partnered with the Backstreet Boys to drop an updated version of the track, Denis First took it one step further. While First’s remix increases the bouncy bassline and adds a sweet dreamy melody,  it definitely keeps the original vocal track that we as pre-teens shamefully loved. What are your thoughts on a modern Backstreet Boys update? Let us know in the comments!

Make sure you check out ” Denis First’s Remix of “Let It Be Me” on Spotify below and on SoundCloud!

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