Madiysn Gifford Returns With Emotional New Single “Seventeen”

Were we primed to be emotional today? No? Well we are now. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Seventeen”, the latest drop from Madisyn Gifford. She may have just broken onto the Vancouver indie scene last fall, she is quickly finding her home. Being adept at singing basically since she could talk, Madisyn has been on the path to embracing the life of a musician since she was able to fathom the concept. Now at a mere twenty years old, Madisyn has plenty to tell listeners, along with the skills to back it up. Releasing her debut single “Without You” back in late 2020, she has already amassed almost 200k online streams. After a very active and prosperous 2021, Madisyn is ready to take the rest of 2022 by the horns and make 2022 her year.

Seventeen is a song about that middle school feeling we all get when we’re first falling for someone of wanting to walk up to your crush poke them and then run away. Through writing it I was essentially exploring the fear, excitement, and also embarrassment of having a crush on someone now as an adult instead of as teenager, feeling like I’m “seventeen” again. My producer Jared Manierka and I also explored a lot more country and folk influences on this track which is something I was so excited to do because I’ve been wanting to make music like this for so long! This song makes me smile big time in all of its earnestness and I’m so excited to share it!

Madisyn Gifford’s song “Seventeen” captures the essence of youthful infatuation through the lens of adulthood, blending nostalgia with a contemporary indie-folk sound enriched by country and folk elements. In her own words, the song delves into the complex mix of emotions—fear, excitement, and embarrassment—that accompany a crush, now experienced through the lens of maturity. This thematic exploration not only resonates with listeners on a personal level but also showcases Gifford’s ability to craft narratives that are both heartfelt and relatable.

Collaborating closely with producer Jared Manierka, Gifford ventured into new musical territories, embracing the rich textures and storytelling traditions of country and folk music. This creative synergy allowed her to broaden her sonic palette while staying true to her distinctive style. The result is a track that not only showcases her growth as an artist but also highlights her knack for weaving together intricate melodies with poignant lyrics. With “Seventeen,” Gifford not only delivers a musical experience that is earnest and evocative but also solidifies her position as a compelling force in the indie-folk music scene, garnering acclaim from critics and fans alike for her authentic storytelling and emotive performances.

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