Kaskade & Swedish Trio BROHUG Drop Tribute To A Music-Defining Year “1990”

IF we have learned anything from covering electronic music the last few years, it is that throwbacks are king. This time we are making a new stop-over at Arkade for “1990”, a brand new bop from Kaskade and BROHUG. One of our own entries into the electronic music world, Kaskade has been a household name for just a meager two decades.  KAskade’s storied career has gained him plenty of accolades such as seven grammy nominations, 11 studio albums, first DJ to earn a Vegas residency and the first to headline Coachella. Yeah, Kaskade has made quite a significant mark on the electronic community. Definitely not slowing down in 2020, Kaskade continues to bring new listeners into the electric web.

Kaskade may be the powerhouse end of the production, but BROHUG holds up there end of the bargain. Founded back in 2016 in Sweden by John Dahlbäck, Chris Lunde, and Niklas Lunde, BROHUG has amassed plenty of talent behind their satirical name. BROHUG has worked with the likes of Ghastly and Steve Angello, as well as dropping releases on labels such as Confession, Spinnin’ Records, Dim Mak, Musical Freedom, and now launching their own label BROHOUSE. 2019 may have been a year for back to back BROHUG hits,  but 2020 looks even brighter.

1990 was an incredible year for music. You couldn’t go into a club, pizzeria, or record store without hearing the iconic song by SNAP! “The Power,” and here we are in 2020 with it still buzzing in the zeitgeist. ‘1990‘ is only to be played on the loudest of speakers, and has got the power to stay stuck in your head long after hearing it.” – Kaskade & BROHUG

An ode to a monumental year in the ever-changing music landscape, Kaskade and BROHUG put their skills to use to do “1990” proud. 1990 was a fantastic year in music, where musical tastes departed from the 80s classics to the 90s emerging styles we now reminiscence over. Sampling the most iconic sections from SNAP!’s “The Power”, Kaskade and BROHUG pair the retro 90s sound to their original modern beats. Opening with plenty of 90s groove that we thought we had lost, “1990” quickly building up to the apex of the track. Screaming “I Got The Power!” and letting the vocal hook ride the bouncy drop satisfies us in our deepest core. What a one-two combination.

Make sure you check out “1990” on Spotify below!

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