Blue Man Group’s Overjoy to the World Holiday EP Out Today, Includes New “PVC Dreidal Mashup” Video!

Did we think that we would already be getting in the holiday season this soon after Halloween? No. but did we also think we’d be checking out the Blue Man Group? Another negative. On our latest peek at classic acts we are checking out Overjoy to the World, the latest EP mashup from the Blue Man Group. For over three decades, Blue Man Group has astounded global audiences with their unique approach to music and performance, delighting fans with their live shows that seamlessly blend art, music, comedy, and non-verbal communication. Despite their numerous accolades and appearances in TV and film, they had never ventured into holiday music until the release of “Overjoy to the World,” their first official recording since 2016. This holiday album, composed and arranged by Jeff Turlik, pays homage to timeless classics while pushing the boundaries of their creativity. Blue Man Group, owned and operated by Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, continues to be a universal and ever-evolving entertainment phenomenon, captivating diverse audiences worldwide with their fresh music, compelling stories, custom instruments, and captivating visuals.

“One of the things that makes holiday music so memorable is that a lot of the songs have common traits, in theme of course, but also in musical structure. The Blue Men, being musical beings, pick up on these similarities to collaborate on a mashup of the popular classics and see what kind of response they get from the audience.” –  Jeff Turlik (Director & Music Composer)

World-renowned performance collective Blue Man Group has just released “Overjoy to the World,” their first-ever holiday-themed EP, which reimagines classic holiday songs with a fresh twist using PVC-constructed instruments. This nine-track project showcases their unique blend of artistic exploration, humor, and eccentricity. Notably, “PVC Dreidel Mashup” exemplifies their approach by seamlessly weaving together popular holiday tunes into one enchanting arrangement, complete with their iconic “drumbone” instrument. The EP is a testament to Blue Man Group’s ability to infuse humor and holiday cheer into their music, demonstrating their enduring creativity and artistic vision.

Make sure you check out the “PVC Driedel Mashup” on YouTube below!

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