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Injected by Nostalgia, Deorro Crafts Breathy Summer Anthem “All This Time”

When you make that first epic splash, you need to keep coming back and innovating each time you drop a new piece. Our artist today oozes innovation out of every one of his pores. We bounced on over to Ultra Records for “All This Time” the brand new nostalgic track from epic producer Deorro. Deorro heads the newer Panda Funk label, who are much more than a record label…or so they claim. This “movement” showcases plenty of different styles such as house, electro, techno, and bass, but at the same time doing it so damn well that even we are impressed.

“I was in a nostalgic 2009 mood, and I really wanted to make something progressive, and at the same time I received the vocals for all this time, and they both fit together really well. It was an in the moment kind of thing, and I was really happy with how it was sounding as I was producing it. I really hope people like it and stay tuned for some behind the scenes videos of me making it because I actually recorded a lot of it and live streamed when I came up with the lead. Thank you! Enjoy.” – Deorro

This track is for those who are still not in summertime mode just yet and need a little extra push. Looks like that nostalgic feeling hit Deorro hard, as this track is a far departure from the hard bounce style we have come to know him for. “All This Time” is a breathy summer anthem, expressing uplifting melodies and sweet light yet groovy basslines that mask the remaining bounce that runs in Deorro’s veins as a soft progressive sound switch-up. While Deorro is definitely not a stranger to both hard bounce and radio-friendly darlings, we are glad to see that even nostalgia can bring out his expert producing skill.

Also, make sure you check out the brand new world tour dates for Deorro’s latest tour for a performance near you!

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