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West Coast Innovators Ultimate Fantastic Drop 2nd Experimental Electrohop Album “Gadzooks”

Whenever we have the chance the feature artists that live and breathe in genres we don’t normally cover, we grab at the opportunity. On our latest visit over to Gravitas Recordings we are checking out Gadzooks, the latest album from Ultimate Fantastic. An experimental amalgamation of genres and style, Ultimate Fantastic is a diamond in the rough quartet filled to the brim with all kinds of creative energy steeped in a West Coast underground tea. Originally making their debut back in 2017 with their debut album Super Human, these musicians almost immediately changed the idea of festival music for a number of years. Ultimate Fantastic has shared the stage with fellow luminaries including Hamsa Lila, Vagabundos, and Pega5u5, while toeing the line between cutting edge and avant-garde. Their extensive touring after Super Human led to performances at Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity, Burning Man, Enchanted Forest, Jumpsuit Family Gathering, Boogaloo Mountain Jam to name a few. 

While we obviously have our personal preferences when it comes to what we listen to on a daily basis,  we always enjoy exploring an artist who discovers their distinct sound and completely runs wild in its perfection. Now back into the press circuit with their second album Gadzooks, Ultimate Fantastic is the group to watch for your experimental hip hop fusion. A major contrast to the group’s musical origin, Gadzooks thrives on a combination of bass music, tribal, and glitch melded together with West Coast underground hip hop to create a consistent base throughout each track. Each song drips with intellectual lyricism and sexy intrigue, showcasing Ultimate Fantastic’s range in their production skillset and limitless variability. If you are tired of the basic hip hop and bass music littering today;s playlists, push play on Ultimate Fantastic’s Gadzooks and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

Make sure you check out Gadzooks on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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