Protocol Releases First Single From Twitch “Demo/Drop” Sessions, R.Braga & Galluxy’s “Nobody Else”

As we keep an eye on Protocol while they expand their roster, more and more talent producers are popping up on our radar. On our latest visit over to Protocol we are checking out “Nobody Else” from R.Braga & Galluxy. If we have learned anything covering music in the electronic music world, Protocol is one of the leading imprints for house music discovery. The latest to pop up on our radar is R.Braga & Galluxy, who are dropping their demo/debut for Protocol fans to eat up. Both R.Braga & Galluxy have release music on Martin Garrix’s STMPD Records with their own singles, “In Love” and “Back and Forth” respectively. Galluxy also started his own “From the Farm to Tommorowland” project that actually caught the eye of festival organizers and led to Galluxy performing during Tommorowland back in 2019.

It is common knowledge that Protocol is aiming to expand their collection, with the most recent effort being led by A&R Manager Jorik van de Pol live over on Twitch. Jorik has been hosting a series of demo/drop episodes live on Protocol’s, where the veteran DJ and the label’s creative and A&R listen to submitted demos and provide real-time feedback. R.Braga & Galluxy’s “Nobody Else” is the first polished track to come out of this new effort, with plenty more singles on the horizon from other undiscovered artists. The track opens with sultry almost dream-like vocals that set the tone for a darker progressive house sound. “Nobody Else” feels like it would fit right in with the more underground club side of Protocol, currently led by label boss Nicky Romero’s alter ego Monocule. These demo/drop episodes have been incredibly interesting to watch, so make sure you turn into Protocol’s Twitch channel for the next expisode!

Make sure you check out “Nobody Else” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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