Alternative Folk Duo Amistat Unveil New EP “a moment in the sun”

As we get older and let the algorithm learn a bit more about our ever-evolving music tastes, we’ve learned just how music we’ve fallen for folk music like today’s artist in our 30s. In our latest peek into the folk world we are checking out a moment in the sun, a brand new album from Amistat. Hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds spanning Germany, the Czech Republic, and Australia, Amistat came into being in 2014, bringing together the unique musical influences of their upbringing. Their EP “colour in life,” released in 2023, propelled them into the spotlight with over 5.3 million streams on Spotify, solidifying their presence in the music scene. Not content with just digital success, the duo embarked on extensive tours across multiple continents, gracing the stages of renowned festivals such as Sziget, National Folk Festival, Szene Open Air, Gampel Open Air, and Superbloom, where their captivating performances garnered widespread acclaim.

Throughout their journey, Amistat caught the attention of music critics and fans alike, with publications like Earmilk singing their praises. In 2023, Josef and Jan Prasil found themselves in Cologne, Germany, recording what would later materialize into their latest offering, “a moment in the sun.” In the creative sanctuary of the studio, they deliberately pushed the boundaries of their sound, resulting in a transformative musical experience that promises to captivate audiences. With “a moment in the sun,” Amistat ventures into new sonic territories, demonstrating their evolution as artists and cementing their position as innovators in the alternative folk genre.

“The new EP is about the struggles with personal life, private life, and mental health that my brother and I have been going through over the last two years. We’re showing everyone it’s totally normal to struggle, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. On social media, you only paint an amazing picture of the great times. However, life isn’t always that way. We’re acknowledging every aspect of existence—and still enjoying it.”

“This is a reminder it’s okay to go through whatever you go through. We all have experiences that shape who we are. We all have our baggage. It’s important to understand what’s going on emotionally inside, be connected to yourself, talk about it, and not pretend everything is just great. Be vulnerable, show your emotions, and share them with your close friends. The moment you open up is real healing. It’s okay to be a mess. Not everything is always rainbows and sunshine. The EP acknowledges the bad times, but reminds there are good times ahead. We’re all in the same boat.” – Amistat

Amistat, the musical duo formed by twins Josef and Jan Prasil, creates alternative folk music that serves as a heartfelt exploration of the human experience. Their songs, infused with gentle harmonies and organic instrumentation, offer a comforting embrace that encourages listeners to embrace their emotions and find hope amidst life’s challenges. In their 2024 EP “a moment in the sun,” Amistat strips back their sound to its essence, addressing everyday struggles with candid honesty. Tracks like “Still Believe” showcase the duo’s resilience, blending catchy melodies with uplifting lyrics that inspire listeners to persevere through adversity and hold onto hope even in the face of uncertainty. Through their music, Amistat invites audiences to join them on a journey of self-discovery, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, there is always light to be found.

Make sure you check out a moment in the sun on Spotify below!

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