New York Alt-Rockers Back 2 Zero Tease Upcoming EP With Modern Alt Rock Banger “World We Live In”

The alt-rock world is constantly thriving, yet it definitely takes additional effort to discover that diamond in the rough. On our latest peek into the alt-rock world we are checking out “World We Live In”, the latest single from Back 2 Zero. A talented four-piece out of Westchester, New York, Back 2 Zero trickled onto the alternative music scene all the way back in 2017. After inserting themselves into the scene via multiple performances throughout New York City, the band headlined shows at Rockwood Music Hall, Arlene’s Grocery, and Pianos. Energized by the warm reception, Back 2 Zero discovered and cultivated a loyal fanbase that lead to the release of multiple singles “My Jacket”, “People Like Us”,  and  “Drive” throughout 2019.  With their fanbase continuing to blossom since then, Back 2 Zero is ready to expand their catalog with a brand new EP that you can expect this fall.

“This song was written during quarantine while we were all at home feeling helpless and frustrated. We watched and listened to the divisive politics and media coverage that has veen the dominant trend of this past year. If nothing else, this song is a rejection of the polarization in our media coverage and the social pressure of being forced to pick one of two sides instead of thinking and drawing our own conclusions. We feel as though the media nowadays focuses too much on the issues that drive us apart. Instead of using the platforms to tap into the values and similarities we all share to unite us.” –

While we often find ourselves dabbling in the world of alternative music, we don’t often provide as much coverage as we’d like….so let’s fix that now. The latest single to come out of the Back 2 Zero camp, “World We Live In” has the makings to be a modern alt-rock banger. Written during the insanely chaotic last year, the track explores the complicated emotions and circumstances that the majority of the world experienced as events continue to divide the country. With heavy influences from the likes of Nirvana, Muse, and other grunge/alt rock bands,  “World We Live In” is a punch in the mouth, serving as a bottle filled with discontent and hatred. The track reflects those emotions with bold percussion and gritty yet technical guitar work, showcasing Back 2 Zero’s talents as modern rockers. The track definitely deserves a spot on your rock playlist, and the music video (which plays as a satire of a news broadcast) is an enjoyable experience worth checking out!

Make sure you check out the music video for “World We Live In” on YouTube below!

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