Electropop Artist Gwyn Love Dishes Ultimate Vengeance Against Ex-Lovers In Upbeat Single “glow’d up”

When you have musical talent and have negative opinions on your previous relationships, why not make a banger song about it. On our latest visit over to 504 Records we are checking out “Glow’d Up”, the latest single form Gwyn Love. Gwyn Love began honing her talents early on with first picking up a cello at age 5. By age 11, Gwyn Love had already written her first song and was quickly on her way to discovering her own path down the music avenue. In the decade since, Love has tweaked her sound to become uniquely hers, a blend of pop-electronica that we wouldn’t expect to find in small-town Oklahoma. Gwyn found a solid amount of success after the release of her debut EP At First Blush, with the EP’s lead single being picked up by popular playlists including Spotify’s “It’s A Bop”, Apple Music’s “New Music Daily” and Amazon’s “Fresh Pop” and “Brand New Music”.

I was in the recording studio in Vancouver when this song came to me. My ex had hit me up while I was in the studio recording with Louise Burns. Louise loves to do this thing where she sings random phrases while she’s talking and I had caught onto that after spending a week with her. I playfully sang “all my ex’s keep hitting me up, yeah they’re hitting me up”. She was like “is that a song or did you just make it up?” I told her I had just made it up and she told me it should be a song. I went to Toronto the next week and finished this super cheeky song that had me dying laughing as I was writing it.” – Gwyn Love

If you have joined the Modern Neon fam sometime in the last year, today’s artist might look quite familiar. The latest track to drop from the Gwyn Love camp, “glow’d up” is Gwyn’s latest exploration of when ex-lovers try to re-kindle a previous relationship or insert themselves in your life once again. However, instead of embracing melancholy feelings around the relationship, Gwyn takes a more upbeat approach and shows how much she has grown since leaving the relationship and accepting self-love into her life. “glow’d up” overflows with confidence, using Gwyn’s electropop and radio-friendly style to serve as an ultimate vengeance to ex-partners of anyone willing to push play and give it a listen. The confidence and upbeat nature of the track is beyond infectious, even warming up our cold hearts and earning itself a spot in our rotation on repeat for the rest of the day.

Make sure you check out “Glow’d Up” on YouTube below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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