Cityzen Wants to Tell You About His “Extraordinary Journeys” New Tech-House Single on CYB3RPVNK

2021 is quickly becoming a milestone year for one of our favorite OG enigmas. On our latest visit over to CYB3RPVNK we are checking out “Extraordinary Journeys”, the latest from Cityzen. Cityzen is definitely a peculiar project, as his affinity for the color red when paired with his unique glasses creates a rather odd image. We have already been treated to a bit of Cityzen’s style with their first few single “Sirius”, “Rave Tech Repeat”, and “Unicorns On a Rocket Launcher”. However, Cityzen’s drive to blend futuristic beats and classic underground sounds will only further cloud his image and style. Will they be able to transport us back in time through music once again? Maybe coming back from this mysterious hiatus gave them the refresher they needed.

Man, while we’ve been eagerly waiting for Cityzen to drop his next single, we haven’t been receiving the right dose of tech house…barely satiating our appetite. The fourth drop of 2021 out of the Cityzen camp, “Extraordinary Journeys” is essentially their tech-house time bomb just waiting to go off as the world leaves 2021’s festival season behind. Utilizing minimal instrumentals alongside the tech-house bass line, this track is another solid Cityzen addition to the underground dance scene. Once the minimalist bass falls to the wayside to make room for shaker synths and distorted vocal samples that build to a bouncy breakdown, Cityzen’s signature underground dance style bubbles up to the surface. If you are a fan of tech-house and still haven’t added Cityzen to your rotation, you have an error that needs to be fixed.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Extraordinary Journeys” on YouTube below or over on Spotify!

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