Alt-Pop Songwriter Camile Peruto Releases 3rd LP “Perfect Vision”, Expanding Into The Alt-Pop World

In this moment, the world of alt-pop is starting to fill up and overflow, thus elevating the need to mesmerize your audience with your sound. On our latest peek into the world of indie alt-pop we are checking out Perfect Vision, the brand new LP from pop artist Camile Peruto. A talented artist in her own right, the New Jersey-based singer wasn’t always creating her own magic in the alt-pop world. Originally exploring styles more likely found in folk, pop, and rock music, Camile wanted to further expand her horizons on her third album. Perfect Vision is quite the departure from her previous album, 2017’s From the Sea to the Sky,  showcasing Camile’s undying love for growing as an artist and evolving her sound with the times. This mindset has led her down some unfamiliar roads, such as being played on Philadelphia radio stations WXPN, WMMR, WSTW, and 104.5, and racking up a million streams on her 2019 single “Silver Lining”. She even participated in Season 14 of American Idol!

Now that we’ve been exploring many different artists in the alternative/alt-pop world,  we try to showcase many different voices and artists that are tweaking the formula to make it their own. With Perfect Vision being the 3rd major album drop from the Camile Peruto camp, you can tell that Camile is doing exactly that, while also seizing the moment to evolve her sound. This budding songstress showcases her wide range of skills in the LP’s last single, “Prettier On The Outside”, announcing to the world that she is more than just another singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar. The track is filled to the brim with energetic and catchy hooks while at the same time not pigeonholing Camile into performing in the lighter side of pop. For fans of the indie-pop and folk-pop genres, the foundation of Camile’s sound is still there and shines true throughout the alternative veil, giving her sound more complexity. While she does have three albums under her belt, Camile is still early in her career and we are excited to listen as she grows into a full alt-pop songstress.

Make sure you check out Perfect Vision on Spotify below!

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Camile Peruto

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