Journey With Us to the Year 2064 For a Seedy Nightclub Crawl With Cityzen in “Rave Tech Repeat”

While it has been a few months since we’ve heard from this CYB3RPVNK enigma, they’re back and as strong as ever. This time we stopped by CYB3RPVNK for the second single from the enigmatic Cityzen “Rave Tech Repeat”. A brand new project coming from the minds behind the CYB3RPVNK movement, Cityzen is a time-manipulating enigma that can exist in both the past and the future without any clear reason why. Cityzen is definitely a peculiar project, as his affinity for the color red when paired with his unique glasses create a rather odd image. However, Cityzen’s drive to blend futuristic beats and classic underground sounds will only further cloud his image and style.

Future bass is such an interesting genre to watch develop, as no one actually knows which sounds and beat will fill our future. Drawing from genres at the darker end of the electric spectrum, like techno and tech-house, “Rave Tech Repeat” creates a vision of a Neo-City seedy underground club that is full to the brim with people packed as tight as sardines. With a kick-drum led bassline, sinister synth work, and plenty of melodic funk for days, we were definitely not disappointed for Cityzen’s second outing. Cityzen may very well have the ability to manipulate time, as the track sounds like it originated in the early 90s yet is a complete dancefloor killer in the year 2064.

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