Olivia Morreale Shares New Single “Another Moon” From Upcoming “Space Dreams” EP

Once you kick down the door of the indie music world, it takes a bit of wading through the masses before you find gold like today’s artist. On this dive into the indie music world we are checking out “Another Moon”, the latest single from singer Olivia Morreale. Dabbling in singing and piano from an early age, Olivia grew up in a music-friendly household that helped grow her creativity as a musician. Surrounded by jazz greats such as Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra, these artists helped create the foundation for her love of jazz, which further blossomed once Olivia moved to New York City for high school. Finally migrating over to Los Angeles to pursue an education at USC, Olivia fell in love with songwriting and quickly began developing her own sound. Blending her jazz background with the west coast indie pop of LA, Olivia created her own version of synth-pop, chillwave, and soul.

I wanted to portray the joy and fun that comes with imagining how things might look and feel in a completely different dream world. It’s an ode to escapism and a celebration of imagination.” – Olivia Morreale

The third official single from Olivia’s upcoming Space Dreams EP, “Another Moon” is a lovely slow burn of a track that just beckons you to take a seat and experience it for what it is. Inspired by classic RnB and jazz, the track is the result of Olivia’s blend of these classic sounds with the modern chillwave movement we are currently experimenting. As with the rest of the tracks on Space Dreams, Olivia recruited the assistance of friend and co-collaborator Eli Kosoff who actually performs with her in “Another Moon”. A stark difference in tone and pitch to Olivia, Eli’s vocal performance creates a beautiful and surreal harmony with Olivia’s emotional performance. If you need a new chill track that goes past just pure lofi, “Another Moon” needs to be next on your list…at least until Space Dreams drops in full.

Make sure you check out “Another Moon” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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