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Alt-Pop Act Love You Later Allures Listeners With Shimmery Pop Single "KeepInTouch" - Modern Neon Media

Alt-Pop Act Love You Later Allures Listeners With Shimmery Pop Single “KeepInTouch”

With electronics having wormed their way into almost every genre at this point, we are always excited for a new act enhanced by electronics. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “KeepInTouch”, the latest single from Love You Later. Hailing from Nashville, Love You Later is the electronically-infused alt-pop brainchild of artist Lexi Aviles. Since debuting just a few years ago, Love You Later has opened for the likes of OneRepublic, Dayglow, and Briston Maroney,  as well as attended SXSW as an official artist! That isn’t all though, as last year she sold out Nashville’s EXIT/IN and has gained attention from tastemakers such as American Songwriter, EUPHORIA, The Line of Best Fit, FLAUNT, and LADYGUNN just to name a few. Love You Later is currently on a rising path via TikTok and we can’t wait to see that momentum grow even higher now that “KeepInTouch” has dropped.

“My boyfriend had just left for tour a few weeks prior and my friends were all starting to date people – of course, I wanted to be happy for the people I loved, but in all honesty it was really hard. I almost felt this sense of disconnection from myself like I had forgotten how to be alone. We finally came up with the concept for the song once I came to this strange realization – I felt more connected to myself when I had other people around me, but I knew that I really needed to learn to be alone again in order to truly feel connected with myself. And I also wanted to express the fear of losing the people I loved in the process. It’s pretty much summed up in the tag of the song: I’m losing touch with everyone else / trying to keep in touch with myself.” – Love You Later

Alright, while we may not be a fan of the syntax of today’s song title, we can still get behind the vibes it exudes. Showcasing Love You Later’s skillset, “KeepInTouch” aims to create an almost dream-pop essence that the listener can lose themselves in. While the fundamentals are all there, we’ve been too privileged with gloriously intricate soundscapes that we have to just accept whatever outward vibes we feel from the track. Love You Later struck the right balance between electric melodies and honest lyrics with shimmery guitar riffs, enhancing the result with euphoric synths that give us a refreshing tone to work with. For an alt-pop track that falls in line with many other artists in today’s age, Love You Later understands how to build out a brilliant production to rise above and burst through the ceiling, primed and ready to hit the ground running on her next piece.

Make sure you check out “KeepInTouch” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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Love You Later

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