Caroline Romano Shares New Single “Guts”, Embodying the Concept of Self-Sabotage Into a Single Track

Even though we are all for an artist exploring new territory, don’t let those excursions take too long before returning to your roots. ON our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Guts”, the latest drop from Caroline Romano. A self-proclaimed “loudest sort of introvert“, at a meager 19 years old Caroline has written her way into the alt-pop movement of this generation. Since dropping her initial single back in 2017, she already has a handful of singles under her belt and has racked up over a million streams online. This single follows her previously released “PDA of the Mainstream”, which marked her transition from indie bedroom pop over to the alternative pop-punk scene. We aren’t the only ones taking notice, as Caroline’s quick rise in the alt-pop world has garnered support from tastemakers like Hollywood Life, American Songwriter, and Just Jared.

I’ve always had this thing in social settings — especially at house parties, bars, or really anywhere with pretty strangers — where I feel like people can see right through me, like I’m completely transparent. So, in some terrible attempt at compensation, I’ll say too much or drink too much. I end up spilling my guts to people as a form of free therapy, or self-sabotage, I’m not sure which it is. And then I watch them watch me dig myself further, with my guts on the floor in front of them. That’s how I end things before they’ve even started, and that’s what this song is about. It’s frantic and eager and frustrated all at the same time.” – Caroline Romano

Even though we enjoyed Caroline’a latest dabble into the R&B world in “Fighting A War” with Julian Rose, indie rock is where Caroline is in her element. “Guts” is a modern indie gem that explores the concept of being completely or even accidentally transparent during social settings in a rather visceral way. A common feeling amongst many people in today’s day in age, the track feels as if it embodies that feeling of self-sabotage, toeing the line between completely not trying or blowing everything up before it starts. Caroline’s raw and unfiltered performance resonates with us as listeners, thus having the track be more impactful than perhaps it was meant to. While “Guts” speaks its truth and wants its message to be heard, Caroline’s package of modern indie rock as a vehicle makes “Guts” essential listening for any Caroline Romano fan.

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