Rock Act Earthquake Lights Tugs on Our Heartstrings With New Single “Heartbeat”

There’s a truly beautiful moment when you initially read about an artist’s presentation and style, but then are still completely surprised during your first listen. On our latest visit to the indie rock world we are checking out “Heartbeat”, the latest from Earthquake Lights.  Earthquake Lights, a four-piece rock band based in NYC, formed during their college years and quickly gained success with their debut EP. The band’s music, known for its genre-blending and innovative sound, achieved notable placements in a national NBA/Tissot ad campaign and an Alex Gibney documentary. Critical acclaim and recognition on Spotify editorial playlists followed, as did the inclusion of their tracks in Isabel Sandoval’s award-winning film, Lingua Franca. Earthquake Lights’ versatility was further highlighted with a feature on Vulfpeck’s album, “The Joy of Music, The Job of Real Estate.” Their story is a testament to the transformative power of passion and collaboration, as they continue to make waves in the music industry with their unique and resonant sound.

Overall, Earthquake Lights’ trajectory from college camaraderie to global acclaim underscores their ability to seamlessly blend genres, capture diverse audiences, and contribute their evocative sound to various artistic mediums.

Earthquake Lights marks the beginning of 2024 with the release of their latest single, “Heartbeat,” a poignant and introspective track inspired by the loss of a vulnerable family member. The song serves as a universal reminder to cherish loved ones amidst life’s uncertainties, exploring the unpredictability and fear of premature loss. Notably, the arrangement incorporates a programmatic element, with the kick-drum and bass mimicking the rhythmic patterns of a heart murmur, adding a symbolic layer to the emotional depth of the composition. Drawing inspiration from Japanese classical composers, Earthquake Lights infuse a cultural dimension into the single, creating a unique and atmospheric musical experience that transcends cultural boundaries. “Heartbeat” stands as a testament to the band’s meticulous craftsmanship and their ability to evoke powerful emotions while inviting listeners to reflect on the shared human condition.

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