Asher Angel Reveals Fun Yet Seductive New Single, “Flip The Switch”

Sometimes we just need to “Flip the Switch” ourselves. On our latest peek into the R&B world we are checking out “Flip the Switch”, the latest from Asher Angel. Hailing from Paradise Valley, AZ, Asher’s journey to stardom began with a passion for performance nurtured in local community theater. His breakout role on Disney Channel’s Andi Mack in 2017 marked the start of an impressive career that has seen him excel both in film and music. Asher, now 21, has starred in blockbuster films like Shazam! and its sequel, Shazam! Fury of Gods, while also making a mark in the music industry with hit singles and collaborations. His 2019 collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, “One Thought Away,” soared to the top of YouTube trending charts for three days and has garnered over 12 million streams. Asher’s musical journey, guided by the mentorship of L.A. Reid and HitCo record label, showcases his versatility and creativity as he continues to carve a unique space for himself in the entertainment world, blending acting prowess with musical talent.

Asher’s impact extends beyond the screen, with his original song “One on One” featured in the film Darby and the Dead. With subsequent chart-topping singles like “Chills,” “All Day,” and “Guilty,” he is proving to be a dynamic force in the industry. As he seamlessly navigates between acting and music, Asher’s story reflects unwavering dedication and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, firmly establishing himself not only as a Hollywood sensation but also as a formidable presence in the evolving landscape of entertainment.

This song is about staying confident and comfortable in your own skin, I’ve always promoted being yourself and having confidence in yourself. With all the hate and negativity on social media, this song is about flipping the switch on that and highlighting positivity.” – Asher Angel

Asher Angel has unveiled his latest single, “Flip The Switch,” a testament to his evolving musical identity and artistic growth. Produced in collaboration with GRAMMY-nominated talents including Felisha King Harvey, Kenneth “KP” Paige, and HARV, the song marks a departure from Asher’s earlier work, introducing a more mature and defined sound. Seamlessly blending R&B elements, catchy beats, and universal pop appeal, “Flip The Switch” showcases Asher’s multifaceted talents as an artist, songwriter, and vocalist. The track serves as a re-introduction to his music project, signaling a significant milestone in his ongoing journey.

Beyond its musical prowess, “Flip The Switch” carries a powerful message of self-confidence and resilience. In an era marked by social media’s pervasive negativity, Asher emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and fostering positivity. The song acts as an anthem against hate, encouraging listeners to embrace their authenticity and defy societal pressures. With this release, Asher Angel not only presents a captivating musical composition but also reaffirms his commitment to promoting self-affirmation and empowerment in the face of external criticisms, making “Flip The Switch” a resonant and impactful addition to his expanding discography.

Make sure you check out “Flip the Switch” on Spotify below and over on your favorite platform!

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