Rockers A Sunday Fire Release Full Dark Alternative EP “Death:Rebirth”

While rock music might be a bit more rigid to move around and expand your genre scope than other genres, it shouldn’t stop you from growing. On our latest peek into the alt-rock scene we are checking out Death:Rebirth, the latest EP of A Sunday Fire. In today’s landscape, bands like A Sunday Fire need to be focused on one key thing, development, and growth as a band. Debuting all the way back in 2017 with their initial EP Mobtown Funk, A Sunday Fire has been slowly teasing and cultivating an audience over the years since. Now with a handful of singles, an EP, and an album under their belt, the band continued to tweak their sound to appeal to a wider audience while still aiming to keep their core sound intact. While it can be argued if that mindset is even possible to do at an early stage, sometimes bands like A Sunday Fire need to experiment a bit before coming back. This is their return to form.

Let’s face it, no band or any type of creative person wants to be pigeonholed into one style/genre for the rest of their career, so why not widen that lens early. A Sunday Fire aims for growth and alternate genre explorations to be their top priority, and this EP makes that evidently clear. With Death:Rebirth serving as essentially a full showcase of what A Sunday Fire has to offer, we can see exactly how much the band has grown during this EP’s production. While they have established a home base within the dark alternative pool, you can hear elements of both hard rock and a sprinkle of psy rock for that extra variety. Over the course of five tracks, fans will be finally able to fully join the A Sunday Fire band wagon as they make the next set of waves in the alt-rock world.

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A Sunday Fire


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