Alt-Pop Songwriter LOV Teases Debut Album With New Enticing Single “universe”

Today’s artist shows us that even without knowing how to play an instrument, you can kickstart your professional music career. On our latest peek into the alternative pool we are checking out “universe”, the newest single from LOV. Started in a rather unique way by songwriter Ryan Hunt, LOV eeked onto the scene in the dark recesses of Soundcloud all the way back in 2012. Despite not knowing how to play an instrument and not taking any music classes growing up, LOV learned how to produce via basic programs like Audacity and Garageband. After self-releasing a handful of singles over the following years, LOV eventually started releasing multiple “demo albums” as a better way to hone their understanding of arrangement, writing, and the production process. After plenty of time honing their creative process, LOV is finally ready to jump into the professional world and introduce their sound to the world.

“I wrote ‘Universe’ a few years ago when I was really feeling the melodrama of being in my late teens and early twenties, and the lyrics were so sad but it always had this heavy club beat behind it in my head. I wanted to feel like I was literally taking off and leaving Earth in a spaceship because there’s no other choice, but make it danceable.” – LOV

After years of toiling in the independent space, making the choice to finally release a proper single leading to your official debut album is a big deal. Even though LOV has plenty of demos are singles under their belt, “universe” is their official offering to the music world gods for a successful debut. “universe” is a rather perplexing single, but at the same time has an odd allure to it that entices us to just keep it on repeat as we blaze through this review. Melding alt-pop stylings with emotional lyrics and a club beat, this track oozes a vibe that just hits us in a different way. LOV uses “universe” to start a conversation around topics such as mental health, gender, and sexuality, all with a dose of alt-pop flair that sync up perfectly. We are excited to see where LOV goes from here, especially after their debut album Blueboy drops on June 10th.

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