PLVTINUM Releases New Sultry, Lush, and Cinematic Single “STRESS ME OUT”

Once you reach a certain level of stardom, how you are able to handle the stress is just as important as your end product. On our latest visit to the indie world we are chceking out “STRESS ME OUT”, the latest single from PLVTINUM. Hailing out of New York, PLVTINUM is anything but your normal squeaky clean pop star. Determined to explore the darker sides of the human experience, PLVTINUM’s songs explore themes surrounding toxic relationships, sex, nihilism, ego, and party culture. PLVTINUM first broke out onto the scene back in 2016 with his viral mega-hit ” “Champagne & Sunshine,”, having consistently cultivated an audience ever since. Now with .3M Spotify monthly listeners, 86K Instagram followers, and 1B cumulative streams, it is pretty clear that PLVTINUM is far past the one-hit wonder status.

“‘STRESS ME OUT’ is an auditory expression of my experience with mania and ego. The song is maximalist by nature, both in its production and rapidly evolving vocal delivery.” – PLVTINUM

Once you drop that initial single from your upcoming EP, you have to keep the teases coming yo keep interest at its peak until release day. After grabbing plenty of attention with his previous single “DIE4MYBITCH”, PLVTINUM is back at it again with another sample from his major upcoming drop. “STRESS ME OUT” pulls no punches right out of the gate, immediately moving into a digetized vocal style that sets the tone for the single. Lush yet cinematic, the track is a quick introspective dive for the audience, giving them a few minutes to explore just how chaotic PLVTINUM handles ego and the mania around having attention. While there are a few artists who are able to keep their ego in check, that’s a skill that comes from years of practice.

Make sure you check out “STRESS ME OUT” on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!

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