Producer 4B & ACRAZE Toys With Urban and Trap in His Latest Single “Bang Bang”

As rap and electronic music continue fusing together, more and more producers will rise to the top and toe the line. On our most recent visit to Ultra Music, we were stopped by 4B to show us his latest single “Bang Bang”  Starting his career off at a relatively young age, Robert McKeen Jr. (4B) has already been honing his musical talents for more than half of his life. Now at the age of 26, 4B his in his prime working with Ultra Music. 4B’s most successful track came back in 2016 with Aazar on “Pop Dat”, wracking up over 12 million streams. 4B has already given us a taste of his style with his “Atomic Bomb” back in August, and we have to say it may be a tad difficult for 4B to top that one.

As an artist grows and changes, they have to adapt to the ever-evolving soundscape or perish among the masses. “Bang Bang” gives 4B a creative sandbox for him to produce in, this time trying out a mixture of both urban and trap influences. The track initially hooks you with a mysterious melodic intro that stands out from the rest of the production, but 4B keeps you around with trap’s signature stabbing bassline. 4B doesn’t hold off the rap vocals, letting them run wild and sets the tone quickly. “Bang Bang” is a slight departure from 4B’s original style, but we are thrilled that he is taking the time to experiment withing the musical scene.

Make sure you check out “Bang Bang” on Spotify below and on YouTube!

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