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Producer 4B Explores New Avenues With Chris Brown in Melodic “Did You”

While we aren’t normally picky when we are in an electric mood, a handful of producers are changing our mind. On our most recent visit to Ultra Music we checked out “Did You”, the latest collab from 4B and Chris Brown. Starting his career off at a relatively young age, Robert McKeen Jr. (4B) has already been honing his musical talents for more than half of his life. Now at the age of 26, 4B his in his prime working with Ultra Music. 4B’s most successful track came back in 2016 with Aazar on “Pop Dat”, wracking up over 12 million streams. 4B has already given us a taste of his style with his “Atomic Bomb” back in August, and we have to say it may be a tad difficult for 4B to top that one.

We talk about producers exploring different avenues and styles often, but we definitely didn’t expect this. Here at Modern Neon 4B keeps his spot in the bass music category warm while he partners up with…Chris Brown? While there are remnants of 4B’s harder and higher BPM style, “Did You” actually shows his versatility as a producer. We didn’t think 4B could tone down his quick bass beats, but as 4B explores this new sound he’ll consistently surprise us. “Did You” lets 4B work with an iconic uplifting melody and less stabbing synths, throwing him fresh into this new element. What do you think? Should 4B keep exploring or stick to heavy bass? Let us know!

Want to catch 4B in the flesh? Catch him on tour on the dates below!

Nov 23 – EDC Guangdong – Zhuhai, China
Nov 27 – DAER Nightclub – Atlantic City, NJ
Nov 30 – DAER Nightclub – Hollywood, FL
Dec 20 – NOTO – Philadelphia, PA
Dec 28 – Audiotistic – San Bernardino, CA
Dec 31 – Exchange – Los Angeles, CA
Jan 22 – Holy Ship! Wrecked – Port Canaveral, FL

Make sure you check out “Did You” on Spotify below or on Soundcloud!

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