BLEACHx Makes His Solo Debut with Playfully Dark Single + Music Video “Dead Inside”

Almost everyone deserves to not have their past held against them and reinvent themselves to better suit the current version of themselves. On our latest peek into the indie-pop world we are checking out “Dead Inside”, the debut single from BLEACHx. The moniker of LA Queer artist Jeremy Thurber, BLEACHx was born out during a rebirth period in Thurber’s life.  The name BLEACHx comes from the idea of bleaching your past in order to start fresh and be unapologetically the new you. A platinum-selling pop artist, BLEACHx has found plenty of success in the J-pop/K-pop music scenes with artists TVXQ, SHINee, and more. His success isn’t just limited to the other side of the world, as he has also worked alongside the likes of Meghan Trainor, Jake Miller, and Greyson Chance to name a few. Already a major player in the pop music world, Thurber offers a different side to himself as BLEACHx.

“’Dead Inside’ is such a personal song to me, it really embodies all the loss in my life, how I felt at the time and the birth of the BLEACHx project, it’s a fun song that is a culmination of all the genres and writing styles I love and a goodbye to all the negative feelings I had inside. I wanted something dark and Maniacal you could also dance to. When I wrote it my dad passed away and my BF left me because he couldn’t deal with the grief of it all and it was exactly how I felt inside.” – BLEACHx

We at Modern Neon jump at the chance to help an artist make their debut, as we love supporting artists that are trying to play against the music formula of their specific genres. While an artist’s debut is already personal, “Dead Inside” is an incredibly personal track embodying all of the grief and death that BLEACHx has experienced so far in his lifetime. The track also brings over one of Thurber’s key facets as a musician, being able to playfully dark about his feelings on touchier subjects as death and heartbreak. His angsty approach to modern pop anthems makes singles like “Dead Inside” much more fun and twisted, straying from the formulaic pop music standard we have today. If you’ve already jumped into the BLEACHx camp head first, expect to hear more from this talented artist later this summer.

Make sure you check out the music video for “DEAD INSIDE” on YouTube below or over on Spotify & Apple Music!

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Photo credit: Brandon Mills

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