Futuristic Polar Bears Are Here to Capture Your Summer With “You & Me”


When you break into a scene like this one, you need to make a stand out performance. A fresh addition to the Protocol roster back in 2018, today we are checking out “You & Me” from the new house act Futuristic Polar Bears. At this point in time, the Futuristic Polar Bears couldn’t have picked a better imprint to showcase their talent. Since their Protocol debut back in 2018, Futuristic Polar Bears have been busy in the study crafting their idealic style of house music. While “You & Me” is only their second track for Protocol, they have released tracks for major imprints such as Spinnin’, Armada, and Ultra. Here’s to a long and healthy future on the Protocol team!

Since it’s that time of year, newcomers Futuristic Polar Bears wanted to throw their hat in the ring for a spot on your Summer 2019 playlist. “You & Me” is upbeat and pleasant, almost like a soundtrack to a steamy vacation encounter. With a track that is so radio and club friendly, we won’t be surprised if it will start invading the airwaves and earworming our minds until we are fully converted. “You & Me” is a fantastic track to sing along with throughout the following warm summer months. Will you be blasting “You & Me”  on your next bout to a summer beachfront destination?

Make sure you check out “You & Me” on Spotify below and on YouTube below!

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