Trentemøller Shares “Dreamweavers” Single + Video | New Album Dreamweaver Out September 13 Via In My Room

Sometimes in this line of work we find an artist that we didn’t expect to hit us in the way they end up doing so. The power of music is strong and beautiful in its fragility. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Dreamweavers”, the latest release from Trentemøller. In recent weeks, Trentemøller, the acclaimed figure in Copenhagen’s dream pop scene, returned with his first new music since 2022, the single “A Different Light.” This track not only showcased his mastery of blending psychedelia, space rock, and folk but also signaled the imminent release of his upcoming album, “Dreamweaver,” set to debut on September 13th via his label, In My Room. Building on the anticipation, Trentemøller has now unveiled “Dreamweavers,” the album’s second preview, accompanied by a visually evocative music video directed by Jonas Bang and premiered on BrooklynVegan.

“Dreamweavers” continues Trentemøller’s collaboration with Disa, whose ethereal vocals and nuanced contributions bridge the realms of vocal performance and instrumental prowess. The album promises to be a standout production, characterized by its bold creativity and meticulous exploration of musical ideas. Trentemøller’s latest work is poised to captivate listeners with its rich sonic textures and immersive storytelling, marking a compelling evolution in his artistic journey within the realm of dream pop and beyond.

 “Trentemøller and I had a few brainstorming meetings and felt like creating this dark, weird, dreamy universe for Dreamweaver. We decided to create a handful of tableau scenes which — in an abstract manner — should feel like being touched by old cloudy memories of contradictory feelings like longing/belonging and attachment/detachment. On the set we had a lot of fun shooting through an old picture tube TV connected to a camera, tapes and 16mm film. Jason (our lovely DoP) came up with the great idea of wiping off the lenses with his fingers to enhance the dreamy look. So it’s actually Jason’s greasy fingers causing all the amazing light bleed outs on the performer’s faces and highlights, which is visible in most of the scenes. This experimental and abstract approach felt very much in line with Trentemøller’s amazing music and I’m super thankful for Anders trusting the film crew and I with so much creative freedom.”

“Dreamweaver,” in contrast to the more minimalist approach of “A Different Light,” emerges as a lush and multifaceted musical endeavor. It captivates listeners with its rich sonic tapestry, offering layers of texture and depth that unfold with each subsequent listen. The track features bursts of white noise that propel its cinematic intensity forward, creating a dynamic interplay with both jarring otic dissonance and soothing, honeyed vocals. Unlike its predecessor, which relied solely on plucked nylon string guitar for rhythm, “Dreamweaver” introduces a soft percussive trot that evolves from a metaphorical shortwave radio scan, eventually settling into the weightless voice of Icelandic singer Disa. This ethereal vocal presence guides the composition as it builds, layering grand arpeggios and lush synth pads that cascade like waves of reverberation, enveloping the listener in a dreamlike atmosphere of sound.

“Dreamweaver” represents a departure into a more expansive musical territory, where every element, from intricate guitar bends to immersive reverb effects, contributes to its rich auditory landscape. It invites repeated exploration, promising new discoveries with each encounter and establishing itself as a compelling testament to the artistry of its creators.

Make sure you check out “Dreamweavers” on YouTube below and over on your favorite streaming platform!

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