Musician Zoe Zobrist Continues Her Personal and Emotional Singles With New Track “Fade Away”

There are only a handful of artists that are able to harness pure emotion with each track they release. On our initial dive into the indie world this week we have “Fade Away”, the newest single from recording artist Zoe Zobrist. Hailing from her hometown of Dallas, TX, Zoe discovered her love of music after learning her first instrument, the piano, at a meager age of five. She dove deep into songwriting just two years later after discovering her dad’s 70’s record collection and falling in love with melodies in classic rock.  Zoe knew she had the drive/passion to make music professionally and decided to make the trek to Los Angeles and follow her dreams.  Zoe debuted her sound back in 2018 and has sinced toured around North America and was even featured in John Mellencamp’s tour documentary in 2019. Now based in the city of angels, Zoe continues to hone and tweak her sound while not losing her raw and personal touch.

“It’s about growing pains and healing as you work your way to and from different chapters in your life. It’s about looking towards something better while also embracing the process that it takes to get there.” – Zoe Zobrist

If we have learned anything from our continued dives into the indie world, it is that nothing is more intimate than a musician with just their guitar, belting out their feelings. Zoe’s latest release, “Fade Away”, is perhaps one of her most intimate recordings yet. Stripping back the elaborate production and simply focusing on her vocals and acoustic guitar, Zoe opens her heart for three minutes to let audiences have just a quick peek. At its core, “Fade Away” is a song about accepting your past trauma, unresolved or not, and forgiving yourself in order for you to grow into your future self. Leading this exploration with her beautiful vocal performance, Zoe creates a raw audible experience that serves as another beautifully personal addition to her growing catalog. Sometimes we get so blinded by the production and glamour that we forget how emotional music can actually be.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Fade Away” on YouTube below or on your favorite streaming service!

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