Brooklyn Songwriter Macy Rodman Explores Modern “classic” rock in 4th Album “Unbelievable Animals”

If you want to bring back a genre that has already had its heydey, just add a modern twist! On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out Unbelievable Animals, the new album from Macy Rodman. Making the decision to move from remote Juneau, Alaska to New York in pursuit of a career in fashion, Macy found herself a haven, a feeling of belonging with the Brooklyn transgender community. Pivoting from fashion as her main focus to music, Macy found early success after releasing her debut EP HELP back in 2016. Her creative energy overflows from her psyche wave after wave, with each subsequent album allowing listeners a glimpse into a creative world that Macy crafted. Macy’s work gives off the appearance of creative turmoil, but that supposed turmoil also serves as her catalog’s charm.

“I wrote this song thinking about a high school crush that I wished I’d had the courage to ask out at the time. It’s kind of like a fan fiction of a personal memory. When Shamir agreed to make an appearance on the track, I was so overjoyed not only because I’m a huge fan obviously, but because the guitar they added to the track gave the song this gloss of nostalgia that I was trying to evoke but hadn’t figured out how to capture yet. It all locked into place like magic once we recorded all of our parts.” 

“The title ‘Unbelievable Animals’ prevailed because while writing the record, I saw my life in past loves laid out in front of me like a Discovery Channel special and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my feelings. We are all just Unbelievable Animals,” – – Macy Rodman

When you find a genre that you adore but may have fallen out of relevence, adding a modern twist to make the resulting sound your own can be a game-changer. Originally popping on our radar when we checked out Macy’s first single “LOVE ME!“, we knew we had to follow up and check out the rest of the album once it fully dropped. Now that Unbelievable Animals has been unveiled to the masses, we can recognize how Macy took the original classic rock tropes that we are all too familiar with and rand them through the modern music sieve. The last single off of the album “Punk Rock Boyfriend” is a perfect example, combining elements of retro punk rock instrumentals and today’s psy-rock to create a unique distortion that we haven’t heard in quite some time. Add the right dose of distorted bass music to the mix and you have nabbed the sound you’ve been looking for! If you are intrigued by Macy Rodman’s take on “modern classic rock”, Unbelievable Animals is worth a listen.

Make sure you check out Unbelievable Animals on Spotify below!

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