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Old Soul Nora Lei Drops Dreamy Pop Single “Together”, an Ode to Relationships

The idea behind someone being an “old soul” or a “hopeless romantic” always tickles our fancy, urging us to inquire within. On the latest dive into the indie world we have”Together” a brand new dream-pop single from the talented Nora Lei. While she might be on the older end of an artist making her way into the industry, but at twenty-eight years old Nora Lei definitely is no amateur. Having a completely solid career as a designer for her own swimwear line Perfect Peach, Nora is 100% not a stranger from creative pursuits. Being influenced to pursue her creativity from a young age, Nora consistently found her satisfaction in all kinds of outlets such as: learning the flute, dancing, and sketching. Nora also relocated around the world in her younger years, using her ever-changing surroundings to try and expand her creative juices.

The song is all about fighting for your relationship, You remember the good times, hard times, and the times you start to feel crazy…but really you’re just scared. You both know you’re supposed to be together so you keep trying and, in the end, you’re glad you did.” – Nora Lei

While we continue to see more and more artists try to dive into the indie-pop world, there are just as many that can’t make that inital jump. Originally crafted in her own studio over a Polar Beats sample, Nora recruited talented producers Joe Laporta and Harper James to provide the finishing touches on the new single. “Together” is the cherry on top of a year full of releases, each one giving listeners a clearer picture of the type of artist Nora Lei is aiming to become. Utilizing Nora’s dark-pop roots, the track uses Laporta’s and James’s addition to inject just the right amount of electro to not overshadow Nora’s raw talent. While she may still be early on in her career as a musician, we can’t wait to see if she can fully break through the indie-pop glass ceiling.

Make sure you check out “Together” on Soundcloud below as well as on Spotify and Apple Music!

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Nora Lei

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