BYOR returns to Tiësto’s Musical Freedom Label With New Future Bass Inspired “Flavour.” Out Now

When you aren’t held back by the traditional rules of music production, you know you have the chance to experience true musical freedom. Speaking of…on our latest trip over to Tiesto’s Musical Freedom we are checking out “Flavour”, the newest drop from BYOR. Hitting the ground running back during 2020, BYOR has been busy elevating his moniker to a household name via his releases on Tiesto’s Musical Freedom label as well as AFTR:HRS. A producer who sets his own rules and sketches out his own line in the sand, on one listen it is clear that BYOR has no problem taking traditional norms and tossing it directly out the window. Back in February BYOR caught global attention thanks to his single “Belly Dancer” with Imanbek, which has already amassed over 100 million streams on Spotify below!

While he might still be a bit fresh behind the ears, we find an artist like BYOR is a thrilling and interesting career path to watch. When he’s merely two years into being a professional producer and he’s already tossing genre + production rules to the wayside, it tends to put extra eyes on his singles like “Flavour”. This latest addition to the BYOR catalog is an interesting example of BYOR’s dynamic range as a producer, as he directs the dynamic and bouncy bass to immediately take center stage once they appear on the track. While they are busy taking center stage, BYOR plays his role in a balancing act of enticing listeners to put on their dancing shoes and building up to a drop that caps off the production. The drop of “Flavour” definitely doesn’t disappoint, as the energy built up throughout the track bursts forth in an explosion of future house bass and upbeat melodies.

Make sure you check out “Flavour” on Spotify below!

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