BXB LOVE Charms Listeners With New Music Video For Alt-Rock Single “IGNORANCE SONG”

When we heard that BXB LOVE was giving this vocal single the video treatment, we weren’t sure exactly what we expected. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out a new music video for BXB LOVE’s “IGNORANCE SONG”. Created by Canadian-born but Los Angeles-based singer Natasha Pheko, BXB LOVE is Pheko’s method to dive deep into genre-bending music that she desired to create. LOVE sprinted out of the gate with her initial debut “matrix” which nabbed her recognition on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and “New Music Fridays” playlists. While “matrix” was soft, sensual, and acoustic, LOVE flips the script and shows a different facet of her artistic expression in “IGNORANCE SONG”. It is already quickly becoming clear that you don’t know what you are going to get when you push play on a BXB LOVE song. However, at this point, we do know that each time you do listen it is going to definitely be a different yet exciting trip.

One thing that I’ve loved about creating and sharing this project thus far is that it’s allowed me to tap into dreams, ideas, and modes of creative play that I hadn’t really connected with since I was a kid. Making this music video was literally an opportunity for me to live out part of my childhood rockstar fantasies. Smashing shit, shouting into the camera, riding in the back of a sick car with beautiful people, jumping around in the sunset, guitar solos, clothes that made me feel like a bad ass… I mean…. come on! It was a blast!” – BXB LOVE

For a gritty alt-rock number about shedding your prescribed labels, this music fits solidly into the BXB LOVE motif. From opening with the literal destruction of technology (in an almost homage to Office Space), BXB LOVE makes it clear that this new version of BXB couldn’t give a care in the world about what kind of label you try to put on LOVE. Underneath the top layers lies a level of wit and charm that we come to expect from LOVE.  Tip-toeing the line between telling a story with a sprinkle of false kidnapping to portraying a literally “F**K You” vibe, this music video is perfect for BXB LOVE. 

Make sure you check out the music video for “IGNORANCE SONG” on YouTube below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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Photo Credit: Sophie Gragg (@itssophielol)

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