Savej Opens The Ambient Gateway For !2 Fellow Producers In New Remix Album “Solstice Remixes”

Even though Savej is a careful and creative maestro, any music can serve as the framework and canvas for another artist. On our latest visit over to Gravitas we are checking out Solstice Remixes, a brand new remix album curated by Savej.  As a self-proclaimed student of life, Savej spent years of his life exploring the connective consciousness as well as humanity’s connection to nature and all of its wonder. While being fascinated by skilled throat singing over the years, it wasn’t until recently that Savej took the plunge and decided to add the skill to their tool belt. Many many sore throats later (just around a mere 50) and six weeks, Savej learned the Kargyraa technique of throat singing and can be heard on the album’s title track “Solstice”. There are a few other little intricacies sprinkled throughout the album, so you may need to take the journey for yourself and see what you can find.

You may have been entranced by Savej’s original journey through the audible soundscape that is Solstice, but these other talented producers me have the gall to bring you into their own twisted variant. Unlike the original album, the energy throughout Solstice Remixes is completely in flux, with each producer shifting gears once their turn is up. For example, Ahee opens the remix album with high-energy take on the album’s title track, then An-ten-nae takes the reins and steers headfirst into the grimy world with heavy bass and tribal influences. While Savej’s original Solstice is still at each track’s core, it is intriguing to hear how many different ways that the track can be adapted. Our personal standout is actually the remix of “Equinox” by MORiLLO, who captures and contains most of the track’s originality but directs it in a catchy reggae direction. Savej and Gravitas picked out truly fantastically talented producers for Solstice Remixes as whether you’re looking for bass music and D’n’B to glitch, ambient, and world, there is a style or remix suited for your personal tastes.

Make sure you check out the Solstice Remixes on Spotify below and on Soundcloud or Apple Music!

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