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Bostonians Gillian Heidi & Michael Christmas Collab New Dark Pop Single “Wonderin'”

What happens when you take the vocal stylings of Halsey and the darker atmosphere and aesthetic of Billie Eilish? Simply put, it’s Gillian Heidi. This time around we are moving back to the indie world for “Wonderin’ “, the latest single from Gillian Heidi. Gillian may have first graced our shores back in June with her previous single “static“, but Gillian has already been busy making waves in her music ecosystem. Hailing from the Boston area, Gillian is another musician that is determined to not hide behind grand productions and make the heavily manufactured pop music that plays effortlessly on the radio. Regardless of what instrument she’s busy performing behind, Gillian wants to use music to tell her own truths, regardless of how raw they end of being. Tackling subjects like a relationship crumbling under her feet or struggling with addictions, she wants to tell it all. She may be early in her career, but Gillian has a clear path in mind for the future.

While we have been paying attention to her career through the last few drops, a track like “Wonderin'” is definitely not what we expected. An official collaboration with artist Michael Christmas, “Wonderin'”  adds another facet to the Gillian Heidi style that we’ve become so accustomed to. Taking inspiration from the incredibly buzzing independent scene in her hometown of Boston, MA, Gillian knew that as a fellow Bostonian Christmas would be the perfect addition for her latest single. “Wonderin'” may actually be our favorite song from Gillian’s collection yet, as her intoxicating vocal stylings take the main stage while still leaving room for Christmas to contrast her melodies with a guest rap to tie all of the pieces together. With five singles and two music videos under her belt for 2020…there is no way she is slowing down now.

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