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Singer Songwriter Zack King Embraces The World of Pop Punk in New Single “What’s On Your Mind?”

When we are approached by an artist who loved our coverage the first time around, we will glad to oblige with a second dip. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “What’s On Your Mind”, the latest single from artist Zack King. Born and raised in Minnesota, Zack King was one of those children who were absolutely obsessed with music throughout their childhood. Even though this fascination with music would continue to grow and blossom as he grew older, it wouldn’t be until after graduating college that he turned it into a professional career. In 2020 King released his debut album Mess, a collection of songs that focused on the struggles of everyday life, relationships, and molding yourself into the person that you want to become. Even though King started off in the alt-rock world, he’s been quietly influenced by the sway and musical styling of Los Angeles with these days thriving in the world of pop rock and punk. Through his work with former Red One producer Eric Sanicola and Mixer Trevor Muzzy, King has one mission in mind…be a vulnerable artist that can weave enthralling stories through his music causing you to dance and pull on your heart strings at the same time.

Everyone’s going on about these summer flings and falling in love, but what about those people that lead you on? “What’s on your Mind?” tells the tragic story of falling for someone you truly care about, only for them to rip your heart out. 
Zack King is back with a brand new direction with his music career: pop-punk music. After playing around with many different genres the last few years, Zack has found his true passion lies in the pop-punk scene. Growing up loving this genre, Zack is excited to pull at the heart strings of his younger self, while adding his own modern twist. This pop-punk anthem was inspired by artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Blink 182, and All Time Low.” – Zack King
The more we have a chance to dive deep into the pop-punk world and feature returning artists that have evolved their sound, the more we have fallen in love with the scene itself. While it has been more than a year since Zack King kicked down our doors for her 2021 single, an artist can truly change their style and pivot over such a short time. “What’s On Your Mind” already easily finds its footing with the Zack King catalog, reshaping his signature style of enticing hooks and melodies to fit this more refined pop-punk mold. Even though the track explores familiar subjects around that feeling of being led on by the one you love, Zack King’s knack for storytelling and shift of perspective makes “What’s On Your Mind” feel fresh and welcome addition to this revival wave of pop-punk. Now that Zack King has finally made the shift to this scene, we can’t wait to see just how much Zack King is going to thrive and grow.

Make sure you check out “What’s On Your Mind” on Spotify below!

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