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Bay Area Bass Maestro Shlump Releases New Atmospheric Downtempo Single “Dreams”

We don’t often have the chance to explore talent on a more local level and we need to change that. On our latest visit over to WAKAAN We are checking out “Dreams”, the latest from Shlump. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Shlump fell in love with the world of music at an incredibly early age. After learning how to play the guitar at age 9, Shlump originally uncovered his thrilling connection with music through the worlds of punk and metal. After being introduced to electronic music in high school through the likes of Apex Twin, Squarepusher, and Warp Records, Shlump dove headfirst into music production and found the right niche for him…bass music. Shlump eventually pioneered his own variant of bass music known as “Alien Bass”, which he has showcased on Wakaan, Deadbeats, CircusRecords, Deep Dark & Dangerous, along with collaborations with and remixes for artists such as Liquid Stranger, LSDream, and Doctor P.

 “I tried to match the ethereal vibe of the initial sound design for this tune with the keyboard riff, and feel like the dreamy quality of the track really shines through in the second drop. It seemed like a natural fit to release this tune, as well as a couple other upcoming ones that have a similar vibe, with Sskwan.” – Shlump

Alright Shlump, the more we’ve continued on our bass music journey, the more we are introduced to more niche styles and sounds. Now with his coined “Alien Bass” style on the chopping block, his this spacey atmospheric bass sound worth diving into? Completely. With “Dreams” serving as our introduction to Shlump, we were thrown into this space soundscape without warning and love every second of it. Shlump’s sound design is completely on point, showcasing just how far his skillset can go in the world of abstract downtempo where Shlump can truly paint the story and feelings he’s trying to portray with sound. While he uses a gradual atmospheric bass sound as his core concept, her even takes a vocal sample from the Twilight Zone that elevates the mystery and eerie nature of “Dreams”. We need a full album of this downtempo variant of Shlump like yesterday.

Make sure you check out “Dreams” on Spotify below or over on your favorite platform!

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