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Sam Blacky Debuts on Repopulate Mars With Sultry Latin-Influenced Tech-House Track “Colombiana”

Every time this triple threat comes knocking, we have to prepare ourselves for whatever she brings to the table. On our initial visit over to Repopulate Mars we are checking out “Colombiana”, the latest drop from Sam Blacky.  Producer, model, and influencer, Samantha Black is already a triple threat but primed and ready to take on more. Better known as Sam Blacky, Sam originally hailed from San Diego, Ca but didn’t find her love for music production until moving to Australia for a number of years. Once moving back to Los Angeles, music production and performing live immediately took center stage in her life. Including her modeling schedule, Sam performed all around the world from 2017-2021, with no travel destination escaping her grasp. During the pandemic in 2020, Sam Blacky even created a YouTube series called “A New World” where she live-streamed her favorite sets from locations all around the world!

For as long as we have followed Blacky’s career, we known her to be a talented producer who isn’t afraid to stray from her normal style in order to inject some much need variety into her EDM tracks. The latest addition to her catalog as well as her debut on Lee Foss’ Repopulate Mars label, “Colombiana” is a prime example of Blacky expanding her tool kit of sounds and styles to pull from. Blending her tribal house summer beats with more traditional Latin sounds, Blacky created a superb tech house firestarter that can easily serve as kindling to get the party flame lit. Whether you fall in love with the  strong kick drums, organic instrumentals, order the overall tribal aesthetic, “Colombiana” has something for everyone who is willing to expand their horizons a bit.

Make sure you check out “Colombiana” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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