Toronto’s Wine Lips Unveil Third Album “Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party”, W/ 1st Single “Eyes”

Sometimes we just need to let go and just embrace the ever-growing yet chaotic world of psych-rock. On our latest visit to our friends up North we are checking out “Eyes”, the latest single from Canadian psych-rock band Wine Lips. Founded and based out of Toronto, Wine Lips talented lineup consists of Cam Hilborn on guitar and vocals with Aurora Evans on drums, Jordan Sosensky on guitar, and Charlie Weare on bass. Catching the attention of Toronto’s indie rock community early on in their career, Wine Lips is ready to capitalize on that momentum and release their 3rd highly anticipated album. The band  After spending the majority of their free time in 2020 and 2021 writing and creating their next album, Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party, which will be dropping in full this fall on Montreal’s Stomp Records.

“The record is crazy! We really spent a lot of time getting the songs to sound exactly the way we wanted. I think this is the best stuff we’ve recorded and I’m super stoked with the end result!” – Cam Hilborn

The more we look into the burgeoning world of independent rock music coming out of Toronto and Montreal, the more we want to go and explore the scene for ourselves. The first official single off of Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party, “Eyes” lets us know what kind of chaos exactly awaits us within the confines of Wine Lips’s latest venture. “Eyes” is a track that describes the band’s re-introduction to the world of live music, filled to the brim with distorted guitars, vocals, and a killer rock beat from Wine Lips’s drummer Aurora Evans that is easily the driving force of the track. The only drawback we have for this song is frankly, we need more of it With a track length of sub-two minutes, it is too damn short and we just have to loop it to keep the energy flowing. However, if you are a fan of modern psych-rock, the Wine Lips are definitely worth keeping and eye on, even if just to experience the madness that will be Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Eyes” on YouTube below or over on Spotify!

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