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Rising Talent Repiet Debuts on Protocol Recordings with Mesmerizing Solo Single “Don’t Think Twice”

Today’s featured producer showcases the quality of talent that is quietly formulating just under the surface in the Protocol pipeline. On our latest visit to Protocol Recordings we are checking out “Don’t Think Twice”, the latest solo release from Repiet. Repiet, the newest sensation in the music industry, is making waves with his unique sound and impressive collaborations. Prior to his breakout hit “Don’t Think Twice,” Repiet had already garnered significant attention with his track “So High” featuring Lucles. The song quickly caught fire on TikTok, spreading like wildfire and amassing an impressive 100K streams on Spotify within its first week of release. The viral success of “So High” solidified Repiet’s presence in the industry and established him as an artist to watch. One of Repiet’s notable collaborations was with Andrew A on the track “Stuck On You,” which not only showcased his exceptional talent but also launched the Protocol Lab sublabel in January 2022. This collaboration demonstrated Repiet’s ability to captivate listeners and make a significant impact in the electronic music scene. Another noteworthy achievement for Repiet was the inclusion of his song “Your Love” with VIANI on the Protocol ADE 2022 compilation. Being featured on such a prominent compilation further cemented Repiet’s rising status and allowed his music to reach a wider audience. Hailing from the Netherlands, Repiet has demonstrated tremendous potential early in his career.

Repiet, the talented Dutch artist, has recently unveiled his highly impressive solo track titled “Don’t Think Twice” on the renowned record label, Protocol Recordings. With its mesmerizing and captivating sound, the song perfectly aligns with the established label’s signature progressive style. The track immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its captivating female vocals that create an entrancing atmosphere. As the song progresses, Repiet skillfully introduces a unique blend of bouncy synths, accompanied by shimmering melodies that add an ethereal touch to the composition. The driving bassline further enhances the energy of the track, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. “Don’t Think Twice” serves as a testament to Repiet’s growth and evolution as a producer. The song effortlessly combines sophistication, emotion, and energy, resulting in an addictive tune that has the potential to resonate with a wide audience

Make sure you check out “Don’t Think Twice” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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