17 Year Old Pop Powerhouse AJA Drops New Lyrically Witty & Infectious Single “The Mess You Made”

With music production be as accessible as it has ever been, there is no age limit for an artist to take the reins and help lead the next group of pop artists. On our latest visit to our neighbors up north we are checking out “The Mess You Made”, the latest single from the talented AJA. At a mere 17 years of age, AJA is easily one of the most talented and seasoned-sounding pop artists to come out of Toronto. Just making her debut on the scene back in 2020, AJA has already gained plenty of success on a local level while starting to make waves on the international level. She already gained support from the likes of Billboard, IDOLATOR, and Wonderland for her infectious and high-reaching variation of pop music. Just looking at the numbers you can already tell she’s well on her way, as her first two singles “NERVE” and “Who’s Gonna Love You” have netted her over three million streams online!

“It was an incredible experience to be working with someone like Scott Storch. The message behind this record is that your emotional & life experiences can only help you become a stronger person. It’s never fun to clean up someone else’s emotional mess but it’s a process that can only make you stronger.” – AJA

Now we definitely hate to admit this, but we definitely listen to too much pop music on a daily basis. There we said it. Yet even though there is a point where pop music just starts to blend together and all start sounding the same, there is something about AJA’s style that is different. The third single our of the AJA camp, “The Mess You Made” puts all of AJA’s vocal stylings out on display for those ready to be wrapped up in her eclectic pop music.  Landing somewhere between Tate Mcrae and Ariana Grande, AJA’s performance sounds empowering and punchy with an extra sprinkling of sass and confidence that makes her sound stand out. For this single AJA joined forces with eight-time  GRAMMY Award-winning producer Scott Storch, who definitely helped polish AJA into the pop powerhouse that she is on the path to becoming. AJA may still be incredibly early on in her career, but we have no doubt that we will be catching her singles on the top of the charts very soon.

Make sure you check out “The Mess You Made” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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