Rising Star Producer Avello Joins Forces With Vocalist Simona Shao For Emotive New Single “Just Hold On”

When you find just the right artist to match your energy in a collab, the creative chemistry between both talents can truly elevate any single. On our latest peek into the EDM world we are checking out “Just Hold On”, the latest from AVELLO and Simona Shao. AVELLO, the rising electronic music producer, songwriter, and DJ also known as Adam Lawrence, has swiftly made a name for himself in the bass music scene, hailing from Orlando, Florida. With a remarkable discography of original productions, AVELLO has garnered a dedicated following and gained support from high-profile artists in the industry, leading to impressive opportunities like opening for Excision, Slander, Seven Lions, and more. His music has found a home on labels like Insomniac’s Bassrush and Excision’s Subsidia. AVELLO’s journey includes performances at major festivals like EDC Orlando and Forbidden Kingdom, highlighting his unstoppable rise in the electronic music world and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of bass music.

” ‘Just Hold On’ is about looking into a crowded room, and the only thing you see is the person you love. The lyrics come from a place of remembering the feelings and emotions that flood in when you think about your person, and how you’d be happy and feel whole with just the two of you forever, floating away into space. It highlights the idea of taking a chance on love, saying “fuck it” to always choosing the safe route, and not hesitating to make yourself happy.” – Simona Shao

Just Hold On” is a captivating future bass track by AVELLO and Simona Shao, characterized by Shao’s stunning vocals and poignant lyricism. The song’s narrative revolves around the idea of finding true love amidst the chaos of a crowded room, where the only focus is on the person you love. It delves into the deep emotions and memories associated with that special someone, portraying a longing for a love so profound that it makes one feel complete and content. The track’s emotional climax is marked by an electrifying electronic drop, featuring distorted atmospheres, booming drums, and vocal chops that intensify the feelings expressed in the lyrics. “Just Hold On” encourages listeners to take chances on love, defy the safe route, and prioritize their own happiness, celebrating the transformative power of love.

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