Kaskade Drops New “Love Like That” Single From “Redux 004” EP W/ New Sold Out Tour!


Once you have a project that not only your audience loves but you are thrilled to create, you have struck gold.  Taking a beat over to Arkade we have “Love Like That”, a brand new single from the electric powerhouse Kaskade. One of our original entries into the electronic music world, Kaskade has been a household name for just a meager two decades.  Kaskade’s storied career has gained him plenty of accolades such as seven grammy nominations, 11 studio albums, first DJ to earn a Vegas residency and the first to headline Coachella. Yeah, Kaskade has made quite a significant mark on the electronic community. Definitely not slowing down in 2020, Kaskade continues to bring new listeners into the electric web.

Kaskade’s latest project to achieve this goal is the official fourth edition of his Redux tour, now known as Redux 004. Paired up with a brand new four-track Redux 004 EP, these immediately sold-out shows will give you the intimate Kaskade experience that you crave.

Redux started out as an intention for people to experience big sound in a small environment. It’s not an era of music but a prescription of mood. If you’re closing your eyes and your phone hasn’t crossed your mind, you’re doing it right. Stripped down from the sense assault we’ve all become accustomed to, Redux relies on the sound and basic, well-curated lighting to impact its audience. The concept has been able to stretch, breathe and grow, and with every show I learn a little bit more about what it can be. With Redux 004 EP I’ve created an EP that is designed for each city I’m playing. The music should cross boundaries. It’s not an East or West Coast sound, it’s specific to each audience. There will be 4 songs, there are 4 cities on the tour, and the EP will be released in full on 04.04

“When I was producing “Love Like That” I knew it needed to be more than just another love or love-lost song. It has this piano hook that is meant to work its way into your psyche, and hopefully, people will just be humming it without even knowing what they’re referencing. Lyrically, the song has this ability to be an in or out of love gymnast. It is one of those pieces where you can’t decide if you want to break up with this song or get married to it.”

If Kaskade was aiming to create an intimate motif with “Love Like That” to fit in with the Redux 004 EP, he sure as hell nailed it. Kaskade’s masterful skill in the studio crafted a beautifully late-night lounge bassline, creating an image of a soft yet sultry experience with a beautiful stranger. This bassline is boosted by a piano hook that gets lost within the beats but keeps us waiting for the next note to strike. We are suckers for an addictive piano hook when it fits in so well. The put the cherry on top, Kaskade utilized the skills of singer Dani Poppit whose voice fits perfectly into the image “Love Like That” creates. We can’t wait to hear more of Dani Poppit’s voice, and we hope she pairs up with Kaskade more often!

IF you still want to try and snag a ticket to one of these sold-out shows, check out the dates below:

Redux 004 Tour:
Mar 05 – Club Space – Miami, FL (sold-out)
Apr 04 – Petco Park – San Diego, CA (sold-out)
Apr 17 – Meow Wolf – Santa Fe, NM (sold-out)
May 30 – The Brooklyn Mirage – Brooklyn, NY (sold-out)

Make sure you check out Kaskade’s “Love Like That” on Spotify below or the official lyric video on YouTube!

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Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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(c) Mark Owens

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