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Second Time’s a Smash! Bobby Love and Olive B Team Up for the Groovy "Why"

You know a track is great when you can use leftover vocal tracks and make an entirely new experience out of the pieces. Today we are heading on over to Physical Presents for “Why”, the latest track from producer Bobby Love. Bobby Love has been quickly developing himself a rather rabid fan base, mainly praising his unique productions style and highly energetic live performances. He has even managed to catch some awesome buzz on the global circuit, with Armin Van Buuren’s label Armada Deep releasing his last single.  Bobby is only on the fast track to success and we hope we can see him along for the ride.

“Olive B and I are always working on new stuff together ever since we made “New Love”, be it on my project or hers. For this particular song, it originally started from an unused verse from our previous collaboration “New Love”. I’ve always loved the lyrics and performance of Olive B’s voice on that verse in particular, so I decided to build a new song entirely around them. There’s a certain emotion in what she’s trying to say that I felt needed to be brought to life. I played the guitar chords around that idea and the rest of the song sort of fell in to place. I’ve recently been obsessed with trying to capture an organic sound while still being electronic and familiar with my previous releases. I feel this song really captures that.” = Bobby Love

Now we have been following Bobby Love for quite a while now, and we are definitely fans of how he has changed his style so far. After releasing their previous collaboration  “New Love“, Love was so infatuated by Olive B’s vocal performance that he knew he had to craft an entire song just around her performance. The result of this second collaboration is “Why”, a brand new radio-friendly electronica track that pleases our ears. The track is filled to the brim with groovy sounds and organic beats that any casual electronic music listener will ask themselves “Why” as they groove along to the beat.
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