Talented Artist ALITA Has Some Advice For Men in New Single “I’m Not Your Mother”

Even though we are all for “feel good” anthems when an artist goes deeper into their production and core concepts as an artist it makes the experience better. On our first dive of the week into the indie pool we are checking out “I’m Not Your Mother”, the newest single from the artist ALITA. When you reach the level ALITA has without any label support, you know that you have a gift and need to spread that gift to as many people who will listen. ALITA ties all of her music with one single concept, encouraging listeners and artists alike to be honest and encouraging with each other and themselves. This message resonates with her ever-growing fanbase, as ALITA has racked up hundreds of thousands of streams online throughout the first year of her discography. Her R&B/alt-pop sound is refreshing to a saturated market, where playmakers like Beats 1, American Songwriter, and Atwood Magazine to name a few are taking notice. Even more recently, ALITA has been tapped for AC Milan’s “From MilanWith Love: Next Generation”, earning 1 of 9 spots for international artists.

“This is a song about resistance & self-discovery in the face of modern romance. It explores the implicit & explicit expectations placed on women throughout history and how empowering it feels to set yourself free from carrying someone else’s emotions on your back.” – ALITA

While we have been exploring the alt-pop world for quite some time now, artists like ALITA continue to burst through the bubble and make it into our rotation. While ALITA’s first batch of singles was closer along the lines of “feel-good” anthems, “I’m Not Your Mother” takes a step away from the norm and takes a more honest approach to her alt-pop sound. The track tells the story of ALITA  singing about a specific relationship, which opened her eyes to how she essentially took a motherly role to her lover instead of keeping everything status quo. The track’s blend of organic instrumentals with ALITA’s beautiful vocal performance creates an allure to the unique sound she has created, all while making us look back on our own past relationships. ALITA is molding the alt-pop game and we definitely need to keep our eyes on her blossoming career.

If you haven’t had your fill of ALITA yet (and we hope you haven’t), she will be dropping a music video for “I’m Not Your Mother” in early March and more tracks throughout the coming spring!

Make sure you check out “I’m Not Your Mother” on Spotify below and on Apple Music!

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