Talented Indian Artist Shilpa Ananth Introduces Eastern Elements to the West With ARKTKT in “Align 2.0”

When you have so many influences and different facets of yourself that you want to display to the masses, it is often a constant struggle to find a happy medium. Today’s dive into the world of indie-pop is for “Align 2.0”, a brand new drop and remix from Shilpa Ananth and ARKTKT.  Growing up in a household overflowing with traditional Indian music (which definitely slaps in its own right) it wasn’t until her teens where her brother introduced her to the magic of Western music. Falling in love with the vocal stylings of Norah Jones, Nina Simone, and Ella Fitzgerald, Ananth walked down her own musical path and graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music. Diving headfirst into the professional music world, Ananth brings together her own experiences in South Indian with elements from electronic, pop, and soul to create her own version of avant-pop. Since starting off, Ananth has introduced many-core South Indian elements into the West, including bringing India’s three oldest languages (Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi) to the forefront.

We are thrilled that we are finally able to cover from an Indian artist, as Indian music was a common staple in our household growing up. While we are often very open to artists around the world, Ananth and her overwhelming talent hadn’t even popped up on our radar until now. This brand new remix from Ananth and ARKTKT is pure beauty in musical form, combining more traditional Eastern instrumentals carefully weaved around an electropop beat that takes the track to the next level. This blend creates an oddly surreal and alluring feeling that almost hypnotizes us into yearning and pressing play once again. “Align 2.0” continues Ananth’s exploration of self and identity, detailing her journey in a way that everyone will understand. Accompanying the track’s release is a brand new music video that was crafted while in quarantine, which expands on the track’s message in a colorful visual experience.

“wrestling with my many identities, trying to find balance between all the languages I speak, dream, communicate and sing in, and wondering when ‘my time’ to become the one I was born/meant to be will finally come.” – Shilpa Ananth

Make sure you check out “Align 2.0 (ARKTKT Remix)” on YouTube below and on Spotify!

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Photo Credit: Shravya Kag
Photo Credit: Shravya Kag

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