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Zomboy Returns With His 1st Single of 2023 – “Monsters,” Featuring Micah Martin. Zomboy’s Meaningful Step Into New Music Genre

We need to step out of the sunlight of easy breezy club music and inject a bit more metal into our bass music. On our latest visit to Rock N’Roll Records we are checking out “Monsters”, the latest drop from Zomboy and Micah Martin. Zomboy’s musical journey is a remarkable tale of transformation, transitioning from a small English village to a pioneering role in electronic music. Initially a drummer in rock and metal bands, Zomboy’s life took a fortuitous turn when a car accident settlement enabled him to establish a home studio. This pivotal moment led to his career as an engineer for various bands and intensive music studies at the ACM in London. His talent shone through when he uploaded demo tracks to SoundCloud, catching the attention of SKisM, founder of Never Say Die Records, who recognized his potential.

From there, Zomboy’s career skyrocketed, with electrifying performances at iconic venues like London’s Ministry Of Sound and major festivals, as well as chart-topping tracks such as “Terror Squad” and “Like A Bitch.” His music, often described as “cinematic violence,” has garnered over 750 million streams and consistent placements in the Beatport Top 100. In 2022, he further solidified his influence by launching Rott N’ Roll Records. Zomboy’s journey serves as an inspiration, showcasing how passion, talent, and unwavering determination can propel an artist from modest beginnings to becoming an industry innovator.

I am beyond excited to put ‘Monsters‘ out into the world along with my amazingly talented friend Micah Martin. Not only has this song been absolutely destroying the dance floor, but it will forever symbolize a very difficult yet positive part of my life. Everyone deals with their ups and downs in different ways, and I am just so glad I could call on Micah to help me vocalize these feelings and emotions. I really hope everyone enjoys my first real step into drum & bass, something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.” – Zomboy

Zomboy, the British bass maestro, teams up with Micah Martin, the vocalist from The Zealots band, for their latest single, “Monsters.” This dynamic track combines intense vocals reminiscent of early 2000s hardcore rock with drum & bass production, featuring rapid-fire breakbeats, dark synths, and distorted basslines. “Monsters” is a high-energy and emotionally charged record that defies genre boundaries, making it appealing to fans of heavy metal, bass music, and beyond. It follows Zomboy’s 2022 EP “Dead Man Walking Pt. 1” and their previous collaboration, “Flatlined.”

Make sure you check out “Monsters” on Spotify below!

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