Biologist Tarun Nayar Embraces Modern Biology Drops “Mushroom Dance”, Music Made by Shrooms

When you start an endeavor like this one, you know that it is going to have to be its own project. On our latest peek into the odd end of the indie world we are checking out “Mushroom Dance”, the latest single from Modern Biology. The latest project formed by musician Tarun Nayar, Modern Biology is a beautiful yet old meld of two of Nayar’s specialties. Originally placing his musical focus on Indian classical music, Nayar combined his musical talents with his studies as a biologist to create something truly unique, a true music interpretation of world music. Nayar’s work has been seen by milllions online after going viral on TikTok, as well as being featured on by VICE, The Verge, Genius, High Snobiety, Okay Player, Outkast’s Big Boi, and  Modern Biology’s debut EP, Plant Music Vol. 1, has already amassed over 300k streams online and caught the attention of tastemakers in the experimental sector. 

There is so much happening around us that we tend to forget the world is alive. If anything, this practice has renewed my sense of wonder. It’s heartwarming to see how this has also helped other people connect to nature and themselves.
Tarun Nayar

While we sometimes over-exaggerate our use of surreal terms and considering things magical, this time we don’t think that is an understatement. Created as a celebration of Earth Day 2022, “Mushroom Dance” is an example of Modern Biology’s experiments with modular synthesis via plant bioelectricity. Essentially, Modern Biology uses a homemade synthesizer kit and uses the electrical impluses given off by mushrooms to create dreamy synths and beats. Yeah, you read that right. Modern Biology makes surreal music with mushrooms as his backing insturments and it makes us lose our minds. “Mushroom Dance” was actually recorded at a forest nearby Nayar’s home, where he collaborated with the best musician he could find…a local mushroom.

Make sure you check out “Mushroom Dance” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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Modern Biology


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