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Megan Hamilton + PINEO & LOEB Reinvent Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” With A Fresh Coat of Modern EDM

While we thought we were over the modern remix train, this one caught us off guard just at the right time. On our latest visit to Pivotal we are checking out “Jolene”, the latest drop from PINEO & LOEB.  Now today’s producers have a rather entertaining meeting story, which if didn’t happen we probably wouldn’t have them as a duo today. Originally booked for the same show, PINEO & LOEB were double-booked and only had a single-time slot available to perform. However, instead of duking it out for that final spot, PINEO & LOEB realized their creative potential and played a back-to-back set, never going back.  A few of their original releases include hits such as include “Daydreaming,” “Circles,” and “Body Right.”. They may have won us over with their latest single “Good Vibe Feeling“, but can they keep it up?

Once you step into the studio, you never know how a project is going to evolve over the course of the production. This is exactly what happened with PINEO & LOEB, who were initially working on a remix of Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene”. However, the remix became so much more than just another remix, fully blossoming into a major collaborative effort alongside singer Megan Hamilton. While we feel it leaves just a tad to be desired, as Dolly’s version had an added layer of emotion that the remake is missing, this modern version of “Jolene” serves its purpose. With the insanely talented PINEO & LOEB behind the production, we could have had something of a much lower caliber with these talented producers hadn’t taken the reigns. With a solid dance beat and an addictive hook, those who aren’t obsessed with the original will find “Jolene” as a refreshing house single to get them out onto the dancefloor once again.

Make sure you check out “Jolene” on Spotify below!

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