“Music is a Healer”, Kaskade Drops Shelved Groovy Single “I Have Dreams” to Help Everyone in Isolation

When you are hard at work in the studio, you can craft some amazing tracks for the future. However, sometimes the time is just right for that future track to be given the green light. This time we are heading on over to Arkade for “I Have Dreams”, a brand new single from Kaskade. One of our original entries into the electronic music world, Kaskade has been a household name for just a meager two decades.  Kaskade’s storied career has gained him plenty of accolades such as seven grammy nominations, 11 studio albums, first DJ to earn a Vegas residency and the first to headline Coachella. Yeah, Kaskade has made quite a significant mark on the electronic community. Definitely not slowing down in 2020, Kaskade continues to bring new listeners into the electric web.

The song ‘I Have Dreams’ was initially meant to be saved for a later studio album, but as this stay at home/quarantine moment is unfolding, I’ve just seen one consistent thing: music is a true healer. Everyone enjoys the distraction and the connection. It just dawned on me that I have one way to maybe help some of my audience smile and keep going, even if it’s only for the next 3 minutes. They have supported me with almost evangelical loyalty through the years, the least I can do is start just releasing as much music as possible right now so we can stay connected in that way.” – Kaskade

While we are just off the heels of Kaskade’s Redux 004 EP, we didn’t expect to hear even more new music from him so soon. Originally shelved to be dropped on a later album, Kaskade saw the opportunity to help all of us who are stuck in quarantine and isolation even if just for a few minutes. “I Have Dreams” is full of distorted groove and unworldly vocals that give us an almost minimalist approach to the Kaskade style we’ve become so familiar with. Pairing up with newcomers Blue Noir and NYC-based band Tishmal, Kaskade carefully crafted “I Have Dreams” to give off a solid after-hours vibe and let the reverberating bassline lull the listener.  If we take anything from this drop, it is that we 100% agree with Kaskade “Music is a healer”.

Make sure you check out “I Have Dreams” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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