New York Singer Songwriter Cade Hoppe Releases New Synth-Rock Single “Labels”

With so many artists taking the start of 2023 to launch their music careers, we need to take a minute to tread familiar ground. On our latest peek in the indie world we are checking out “Labels”, the latest drop from Cade Hoppe.  Originally hailing from Sacramento, CA, Cade jumped all the way to the other side of the country to pursue his career as a creative and musician. While he originally traveled to New York in pursuit of academic and athletic opportunities, 2020 shined a new light on his true passion. Cade had been writing songs and playing piano, guitar, bass, and saxophone since childhood, so he naturally pivoted into writing and releasing his own tracks. After a few experiments, Cade connected with Harper James of Eighty Ninety and began working with him as his core producer. This led to Cade’s debut EP Tell Me How It’s Worth It dropping in late 2021, catapulting Cade Hoppe into the next stage of his career.

“This is a song about having a relationship with someone that will never give you the reassurance you need — and then finding a way to justify that in order to have that relationship at all, You keep telling yourself that you don’t need a label until you might actually believe it.” – Cade Hoppe

With a two EPs and more than a handful fo singles under his belt, Cade has quickly become one of our stand out artists from the New York indie scene…so we have to check in from time to time, With: “Labels” being Cade’s first release of 2023, we are thrilled to see Cade take a bit of a different direction with the track’s overall sound. Created in collaboration with the talented Harper James (Eighty Ninetythe two artists decided to fully embrace the world of indie rock and synth-pop in order to create a truly driving pop forward production. Between Harper’s skills in the production studio and Cade’s strong baritone vocals, “Labels” as all the makings to be an infectious hit, as long as it reaches the right listeners. We’re eager to hear what else Cade and Harper have planned for the rest of the year, as the door is just barely open right now.

Make sure you check out “Labels” on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!

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